Rich Chambers has offered wealth management services to clients since 1999. With his guidance, you can find the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have planned prudently for your future and that your loved ones are protected. Whether you are just setting out on your financial journey or seeking to protect and enjoy the wealth you've accumulated, Rich helps you along the way with objective advice that puts your financial interests first.
Rich is Fee-Only, and a fiduciary, and is compensated only by you with no incentive to use any products other than the ones that are best for your unique situation. Contact him today and make an appointment to consult with a certified fee-only financial planner and registered life planner.

Rich describes the client relationship:

  • "We work closely together to develop and execute a plan that moves you toward your goals with low stress along the way.
  • I focus on your overall financial picture, not just your investments. Particular emphasis is placed on the everyday things you can do to make money or reduce risk in your life.
  • Clients in the technology industry are my specialty. As a former technology professional, I understand your needs and your thinking and can explain things with the focus and level of detail that you want.
  • Together we create a broadly diversified portfolio using primarily low-cost, passively managed investments. I rebalance your portfolio as dictated by your goals. Then I help you stick with your investments, the hardest part!
  • Research shows that most investors significantly underperform the market because they buy and sell at the wrong time. With 35 years of successful investing experience, I can serve as an emotional anchor for you – keeping the highs from being too high and the lows from being permanent. By being disciplined, my clients achieve their investing goals."


I am committed to providing timely, unbiased advice. Through the advantages of professional, Fee-Only fiduciary planning, I seek to empower my clients to make the best financial choices possible. As a staunch consumer advocate and client fiduciary, I continue to demonstrate my dedication to serving my client's best interests.